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Rev. Mike Slaughter wrote a book in 2011 with the title, “Christmas is Not Your Birthday,” and he is absolutely on point! However, we treat this holiday as if it is everyone else’s birthday. What if we were to turn the focus back to Jesus?

Every year at Christmas time, we take up a special offering we call “Happy Birthday Jesus.” This offering completely funds our international missions in Haiti and Guatemala, places where our financial gifts can make a huge difference in the quality of life for families, children, and others in the communities we serve. Would you consider giving such a birthday gift for Jesus‘s work and ministry this year?

Here is a list of what your gift can provide:
$25 provides school supplies for a child
$75 purchases a water filter for a family providing clean water up to 10 years
$100 provides a month’s salary for teachers at our school in Haiti
$150 supports the monthly salary of the principal for our school
$150 provides a child with the schooling costs for a year’s education 
$400 sends a student from Guatemala to college for a year
$1500 provides a three day medical clinic to the surrounding community in Haiti

Bring your gifts marked “Happy Birthday Jesus” to Sunday morning worship on December 19, the Christmas Eve service on December 24, or designate those funds on the church center app or to help support our international missions in Guatemala and Haiti.  Thank you in advanced for giving a gift that will make a difference!

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