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Powell Church partnered with Haitian Impact Christian Ministries,, in 2013 and purchased land in Langon, Haiti. In 2014, we sent funds for local Haitians to build a church on the land. In 2015, we provided funds for construction to begin on a school beside the church. The school is now open with 150 kids attending with 7 teachers and a principal that we provide the salaries for. The church has over 300 in attendance and is an important part of the life of the community. Watch the video below which highlights the Haiti team’s recent trip.


Powell Church has taken a team to Chichicastenango, Guatemala each summer since 2009 in partnership with Samaritan Hands. Team activities include construction projects in support of the Hogar del Nino orphanage; conducting vacation bible school in local churches and schools; conducting a women’s bible study; and providing water filters to families so they can have safe, clean water. See to learn more about the filters.

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