Defeating the Giants


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    Teresa Swango says

    I am from out of state. I have been struggling (worrying) lately with some issues that have kept me up nights. The night before this sermon was particularly bad as I was up praying & just unsettled in my spirit. I had still not decided whether to go to church the next morning but God woke me up at 6. Your sermon spoke to me so much that I have shared it to many people I know who are struggling with health issues as well as other things. It calmed my spirit down so much that I can let God handle things at this point. We tend to forget in the busyness of life that it really comes down to a spiritual battle and that we need to just let God handle it. He’s much smarter than we are & knows what is best for us.

    I just really wanted to let you know how much you have helped me in every sermon of yours that I have heard. You are one of the few ministers that I hear where I come away with notes & notes. Sermons that really help my spiritual walk. This particular sermon helped me so much that I have it recorded on my phone & I transcribed it so it can be read. I intend to listen to it everyday while struggling with life’s issues so that I can be renewed & reminded to let God handle things.

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