Discipleship with Denna

Each month Pastor Denna will offer up some helpful ways to grow in our discipleship and walk with Jesus. These monthly resources might include a video series, a book to read, spiritual exercises, and more. Read below for this month’s Discipleship with Denna!


I hope you have enjoyed hearing faith stories from our church family over the past few weeks.  We all have a story!  Sometimes we may think our stories are not as exciting as someone else’s story, but the opposite is true!  God is working in all of our lives, and we all have a story to tell!  

One the first day of my first seminary class, I was asked to complete an art lesson!  “This is seminary,” I thought, “Why are we doing art?!”  My assignment was to complete something called a “River of Life.”  We were to draw our life with God as a river.  Sometimes my river flowed mightily– I experienced God in such a way that the river was gushing with water!  At other times, my river trickled.  At one point, it felt as if my river had been dammed up.  I felt so apart from  God that no water was flowing.  This art lesson turned out to be very fruitful for me.  I was able to look back at my life and see those points where my river flowed and where it did not.  This art lesson truly connected me with my God story.  


Do you know your story?  Here are a few tips to knowing, writing, and telling your story.
* Think about the most spectacular times in your life.  How did you experience God in those moments?
*Think about the hardest times in your life.  How did you experience God in those moments?
* What times in your life did you feel apart from God?
*When have you felt closest to God? 
Make some notes, and begin to write your God story. You might even want to draw your story as a river.   Perhaps you might want to tell your story to someone you trust– a family member or one of your pastors!  And eventually, maybe you want to share your story with the world.
God is writing our stories and working in our lives.  Please let me know if you would like help writing your story, or if you would like to tell your story!  It would be a holy honor to share that with you! 
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Denna
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