Recovery Who We Are

Recovery at Powell is a community of people recovering from all kinds of addictions, losses, and compulsive behaviors. We believe we are all recovering from something. We are all powerless and in need of our all powerful God. We believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the spiritual practices found in the 12 Steps, which are scripturally based.

We gather on Thursday nights, to eat together, pray together, share together, and learn together. The following is our weekly schedule:
Thursday night schedule
5:45-6:20pm Meal served (no charge)
6:30-7:30pm Worship
7:40-8:30pm Open share groups
6:20-8:30pm Activities for children/youth (birth to 12th grade)

We provide worship, small group time, and play time for children and youth. These activities begin at 6:20.

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