UNSTUCK Grief Workshop

Discover actions that allow you to move beyond the pain following:
• Death of a Loved One
• Divorce or End of Relationship
• Death of a Dream
• Loss of Health
• Finances or Job Loss
• Moving
• Retirement
• Life-style change
We aren’t going to tell you we know how you feel, because we don’t. Neither does anyone else. What we will do is provide a safe environment where you will be given specific tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead to a happier life.
Time alone will not heal your heart. The Loss & Grief Recovery Method® will equip you with skills to process your loss and grief.

Jan. 11 – Mar. 1
6:00-8:00 p.m.
at Powell Church (323 W. Emory Road)
Cost: $50
Facilitated by Joy Gaertner, Advanced Certified Loss & Grief Recovery Specialist

For More Information or to register, call 865-963-9221 or just click HERE.

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