Breakthrough – Advent Series

There are times in life when it feels like God is silent, when the darkness appears overwhelming, when a path forward seems impossible, and when chaos has gained the upper hand in our lives and in this world. What if, however, in the midst of the silence and darkness and impossibility and chaos, what if there is a glimmer of hope? What if there was a life-giving word, a ray of light, a real possibility, a steadying hand?  

You are invited to join us for this year’s Advent series and small group study as we look at how God’s “breakthrough” miracle in Jesus 2000 years ago STILL breaks through the silence, the darkness, the impossible, and the chaos of our lives and this world today! Join us on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings to be a part of experiencing God’s breakthrough in this world and in our lives as we press on forward in following Jesus. 

AND…don’t forget that on Dec 5, we will have a visit from Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett as she will be bringing us the message.

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