Three in four Americans are stressed about their personal finances. More than half of those are truly concerned about providing for their family’s basic needs. Financial stress is the #1 reason for marital challenges. All of us have struggled with these issues at one point or another. As a church that longs to meet the needs of people in the name of Jesus Christ, the financial stress on families is not one we can ignore. That is why on October 22 we began a four-week church wide emphasis on Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity. During these four weeks we’re exploring what the Bible teaches us about financial management and examining some practical tools to begin to develop a financial plan that relies on trust in God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Part of this journey includes presenting our church family with some practical tools for examining spending habits, creating a simple budget, and discovering personal and financial goals. There are hundreds of apps and tools available online to help you as well, this article is a good one-stop-shop of previewing the top apps and sites that can help you get started. If you prefer simple paper tools, below are links you may find helpful. Please know that all of these resources are given to us through the generosity of the Church of the Resurrection and work of Rev. Adam Hamilton and his team.

My Life and Financial Goals Worksheet
Sample Budget Worksheet